What is Microsoft Teams and why is it better than its competitors, Zoom and Slack?

There’s Zoom, Slack and Google Meet… but what is Microsoft Teams and why is it better than its competitors?

There has been a significant surge in companies adopting online forms of communication. With the pandemic forcing many of us to work from home, the way we communicate with our colleagues, customers and even friends and family has changed dramatically. There is now a need more than ever for a tool that allows us to communicate virtually.

What is Microsoft Teams?

You might be aware of the benefits of Microsoft 365 already. But what is Microsoft Teams, and how can it help streamline your company? What’s great about Microsoft Teams is that it’s part of the Microsoft 365 package, so if you are already a subscription holder, Microsoft Teams is part of the deal! 

Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool for collaboration and is used for business VoIP and video conferencing. All of this and more integrated into your Microsoft 365 stack. This means that it merges with all your Microsoft applications, such as Outlook email and your documents in OneDrive. Microsoft Teams is easy to use with a user-friendly interface so you can work efficiently and proactively. 

How does it differ from its competitors?

Now you are aware of what Microsoft Teams is; you might wonder what makes it stand out from the crowd compared to its rivals on the market. Here is a summary of Microsoft Teams competitors and why we think Teams is the better option.


Zoom has proven to be the go-to for video conferencing during lockdown, enabling the masses to attend the same meeting remotely. The basic package allows up to 100 participants. However, Zoom has not proven to be the safest. They have experienced multiple security issues as Zoom acts as the perfect playground for hackers with its surface space for an attack. 

Google Meet

Google Meet, like Zoom, is excellent for large meetings, with a 250-person capacity on calls. However, if you do not have a Google account, you would not be able to join; this is a strict requirement for both the host and participant. With Zoom and Microsoft Teams, an account is not necessary to join a meeting making it perfect for interviews and customer calls.


Slack is the most like Microsoft Teams in its layout; it presents itself as more of a chat tool than video conferences like Zoom and Google Meet. Slack is an excellent tool for internal communication, and it offers one to one video calls. However, if you want to host meetings with multiple people, this is no longer a free feature. If you’re looking to save money and communicate widely, another tool will suit you better. 

See how Microsoft’s other apps compare to its competitors. 

So why is Microsoft Teams better? 

Microsoft Teams is the winning contender for a multitude of reasons. It’s an easy to use tool with various features, all included in your Microsoft 365 package. With an integration into your emails and files, you can access everything you need, no matter where you are, with just a touch of a button. 

Microsoft Teams is specifically designed to help businesses maintain team culture as well as provide clarity and communication with customers.

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