Rejuvenate are the proud operators of an in-house Enterprise Grade Multi Tenant VoIP Service. This platform runs on our own hardware, co-located in London, we're not a reseller! We’ve peered with multiple National and International providers and in the month of November 2015 we processed 24,646 calls.

We’re looking for partners to help grow the platform, for which we can provide full training, a completely branded UI and competitive rates. Service can be self-provisioned, fully managed and installed by partners, or you can simply make the sale and we’ll organise the on-boarding, number porting and hardware delivery from the distributor to the end user premises, fully configured and all in your name.

Rejuvenate's Partner / Reseller Program is for companies who wish to offer our full range of cloud-based hosted IP solutions to their SMB customers under their own brand name. The Program includes on-site technical and product training designed to equip Partners with the basic knowledge and tools they need to be successful.

We believe in equipping our Partners with the tools and programs necessary to lead in this competitive market while enhancing their ability to better serve their customer base and grow. With full technical support and including A-Z training you can be confident in adding VoIP to your service portfolio. 

As a technology company, IT Support is a key building block of business, but we're serious about building a relationship with other companies in our industry. We establish a 'Chinese Wall' between your partners services and our IT Support Business. Your Clients are Your Clients, not ours.

We are committed to enabling you to deliver reliable, simple, and low-cost solutions to your customers in order for them to affordably adapt in today’s competitive business world of converged IP communications.

  • Increase awareness of the Hosted VoIP solution among the target audience
  • Educate the target audience on the benefits of a Hosted VoIP solution
  • Prime the target audience for a conversation with you
  • Provide training, promotional and sales materials

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