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Promising lower costs, greater ease-of-use, and scalability, Rejuvenate IT have helped businesses across different sectors install Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. Even with more work being done on networking computers, the need for reliable, connected phone access is vital for most companies. From small-to-large businesses and even those with a wide range of locations and remote workers, our VoIP telephones can keep your team connected and your communication budget low. 

Reliable and Affordable

So long as you have a stable connection to the internet, VoIP can promise call signal strength and sound quality that can surpass analogue telephone solutions. VoIP still supports older technology like fax, while costs are kept low across the board. Cloud technology like our Enterprise Grade Multi Tenant VoIP Service doesn’t have to be installed in your premises, but rather is hosted on our own hardware in secure UK Data Centres. As well as saving on the installation costs, the cost of transmitting sound data digitally through the internet instead of through a standard phone line could see your communication costs cut down to a mere fraction of what they once were.

Unparalleled Scalability

Traditional PBX systems, a more analogue phone network solution, had limited scalability. The hardware could maintain only so many phone connections at once. If you wanted to connect more phones to the network, you would have to purchase expansions to allow it. This meant business owners had to think carefully about when it was cost-effective to add new lines. VoIP, however, allows you to scale your solution up and down as needed. You can add and remove lines as you please, limited only by how many connections your bandwidth can handle.   

A Plethora of Features

A growing business needs a range of features to support a sophisticated internal and external communication system. Our VoIP packages come with many of the features expected from business phone systems, as well as several new additions. Call recording and auditing, phone number retention, transfers, on-hold, and call waiting features, and much more are included in the package. The digital auto attendant and automatic disaster recovery failover simplify and automate much of the hassle of running your business phone systems, too. 

Simple to Install, Simple to Use

As well as helping you to set everything, our Dorset Support Team are on hand to manage your system and support you with any of your needs. Whether you want to move or add numbers, configure the system, or integrate other business systems like Outlook or a CRM, VoIP makes it easy when you work with Rejuvenate IT. When arranging or moving the office space, it takes little-to-no-effort to ensure that everyone’s personal phone number follows them.   

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Our Hosted VoIP Service is available with the flexibility of Pay-As-You-Go. Alternatively, choose one of our Hosted VoIP Packages to get access to some of the lowest call rates available. 

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