benefits of Microsoft teams

 Top 10 Business Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a market-leading communication platform, adopted by businesses of all sizes globally due to its extensive benefits. Its popularity has increased recently because of the significant rise in remote work due to the pandemic. The need for a reliable communication system has become a necessity.

benefits of Microsoft Teams

So, what are the business benefits of Microsoft Teams?

1. Microsoft application integrations

The number one selling factor of Microsoft Teams is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 and its extensive range of other cloud-based applications. You can be chatting with your colleagues in Teams while sharing and live-editing documents in SharePoint, or brainstorming ideas in Microsoft Whiteboard. The options are endless.

2. Meeting and scheduling tools

Microsoft Teams can pull in all your calendar information, including existing appointments and notes. The calendar tab in Teams enables you to effectively use your calendar while remaining in a singular application. Your meetings and conferences taken in Teams will create a separate thread for all attendees, so you can chat and brainstorm simultaneously.

3. Increased productivity

Having all the information you need under one roof helps streamline your entire daily work process. Time wasted on mundane and tedious tasks, such as prolonged email interaction, is eradicated. Your team can work productively, with easy communication and sharing all under one hub.

4. Connectivity and communication

Video conferencing, instant messaging, group channels, and so much more. Microsoft Teams is the tool to help your workforce communicate. Your team may be remote, but with Microsoft Teams, they are better connected than ever. Say goodbye to the lag of emails and outdated communication methods, and hello to instantaneous communication.

5. Real-time collaboration

One of the key benefits of Microsoft Teams is its ability to help your workforce, remote or not, collaborate seamlessly. Your team can work together on the same project or document in real-time and communicate simultaneously.

6. Notifications

Every mention, message or call you receive will show in your notification centre. Never miss a message again, and don’t worry about the backlog of emails in your inbox; you won’t be overloaded.

7. Security

Microsoft Teams is a secure platform; you won’t need to fear uninvited guests sneaking in. Using multi-factor authentication and secure guest access, you can keep the bad guys out.

8. Digital transformation

If you are looking to propel your business into the digital era, Microsoft Teams is a great place to start. As Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based application, you can access your data at any time, from any device in any location. This is one of the leading benefits of Microsoft Teams; it can help you stay ahead of the curve.

9. Customise your workspace

Your business is unique, so a huge benefit is that you can set up Microsoft Teams to mirror your specific business needs. Your workspace can be customised to help support your organisation. You can integrate Teams with Microsoft 365 applications that your company uses, as well as others like Dropbox or Google Drive.

10. VoIP – Microsoft Voice

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of Microsoft Teams is its VoIP feature. Microsoft Voice can be used as your internal phone system, which means less hardware, fewer costs and better productivity. All you require is a stable internet connection, and you can call whoever you need.

benefits of Microsoft Teams

Your business needs Microsoft Teams

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Are you ready to upgrade your communication system? With the incredible business benefits Microsoft Teams offers, it’s the tool you need.