Wareham Town Council was formed after local government re-organisation in 1974 when Purbeck District Council took over many of the powers of the former Borough of Wareham. The Town Council has 16 Councilors who represent all parts of the town.

The Scope

Wareham Town Council contacted Rejuvenate on recommendation from a new member of staff who worked with us in a previous role, as they were unhappy with their existing supplier.

Requirement One: Move over to a full cloud system to enable their staff to work remotely and as efficiently as possible.

Requirement Two: Their existing telecoms contract was coming to an end so they needed a new solution.

The Solution

Rejuvenate provided Wareham Town Council with new laptops and workstations for all staff, with our Managed IT Solution to ensure their devices are always up to date, optimised and protected.

Using SharePoint Online to replace their existing File Server, staff can work with flexibility from Laptops and Mobile Devices, without relying on a VPN Connection or Server.

Rejuvenate transferred Wareham Town Councils’ existing Broadband and Phone Numbers in order to provide a Fully Managed Telecom Solution.

The Results

Wareham Town Council now have a fully Cloud Hosted IT and Telephony Solution, facilitating home working during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Upgraded IT Hardware has improved productivity and allowed their team to work remotely with ease.

Our Flexible Cloud VoIP System allows them to make and answer calls from any location and provide members of the public with up-to-date information using pre-recorded messages.