team communications

Team communication is vital; here are the tools you need to improve yours

Team communication is essential for every business, especially considering the current climate. No longer can we turn to our colleagues in the office when we have a query or rely on office phones for both internal and external communication. Therefore, the need to have the right tools to ensure seamless and productive connectivity is essential to achieve good team communication.

Here’s three ways that effective team communication can help your business:

team communications

1. Team Culture

Team culture is fundamental to your business success. However, being a remote business and guaranteeing a thriving team culture can be challenging. Every business needs the right solutions to enable communication and collaboration between teammates. Team communication also promotes team building by encouraging people to work together and support each other, even when working remotely.

2. Innovation

Through effective communication, your team can openly innovate and collaborate. Working in an environment that fosters and encourages team communication, will allow your team to engage in brainstorm sessions and work on shared projects to stimulate innovation. By adopting the right communication platform, you can help your business master innovation while working remotely or in the office.

3. Growth

Growth for any business relies on good communication between your team and your customers; building a good rapport with stakeholders, peers, and customers is essential. This will develop relationships, and consequently your business will succeed through this accumulation of client and team communication. Good relationships cannot be formed without effective team communication and the right tools to foster its growth.

What are the best tools to ensure optimal team communication?

Microsoft Teams

team communications

Microsoft Teams is a market-leading communication tool, enabling your team to instant message, video call and collaborate all in one place. Microsoft Teams is for everyone. It’s a communication platform which can allow your team to do so much, with smart integrations into other Microsoft applications such as SharePoint and Outlook. Through Microsoft Teams, your team can securely connect, share and co-author files all in real-time. With Microsoft Teams, you aren’t just limited to internal team communication, but also external; you have the option to create channels, host conference meetings and more.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is essentially a telephony solution which works using an internet connection, instead of relying on outdated methods to call individuals. VoIP comes with a myriad of benefits that are not simply improving communication within a business; but it is also cost-effective, allows increased accessibility, the ability to scale and much more.

VoIP provides businesses with the ability to make phone calls from any device, in any location. This is ideal for remote workers, who will be using laptops or mobile devices as their primary communication tool. This level of agility makes VoIP a seamless and streamlined team communication platform.

Here are VoIP solutions which we recommend for effective team communication:


We use a solution called Bria which can be used with our VoIP platform which enables on the go conveniences. It’s perfect for office workers, remote workers and those who are always on the go to ensure successful team communication.

We recommend using Yealink hardware with our VoIP system, although if you are already using a VoIP compatible phone, we can easily integrate those too! However, we recommend Yealink due to its excellent quality and its integration with Microsoft Teams.

Ready to improve your team communication?

Our VoIP brochure is a great place to start if you are looking to improve your team communication by adopting the right tools to give your team the best platform to communicate, connect and collaborate.