Is your website a business tool?

It’s no secret that your customers will now check you out online before they buy, when looking for products or services. Today, this is one of the top reasons why every business needs a quality website to help attract new business.

The question is, “How is a website going to make more money?”

A website gives you the opportunity to offer your products and services 24/7 and at the convenience of your potential customers, becoming a central location for attracting customers with your marketing messages and call to action.

Rejuvenate just put the finishing touches to our new website and we are thrilled with it.  They have listened carefully to what we want and have found a solution to every difficulty we have had. The service and attention to detail could not have been better. 

Things to consider...

Since the invention of the smartphone it has become increasingly important that your website works on many different devices with different screen sizes. Responsive design is a must when considering a new website or website upgrade. More people now use their phones and tablets than laptops or PCs to view the web.

Social Media makes your business available more so than ever before. Using Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, helps you increase your marketing reach whilst tailoring your content to suit your followers.

Having a website with a strong call to action is the most basic step to using it as a business tool. A website should be focused around a task it wants the visitor to complete. This can be a completed contact form, a sign up to a newsletter or to take part in an online promotion.

A website should be looked upon as an investment in your business and as with any investment it has a role to play, this requires focus. To get the most out of your website focus on driving activity on your website that meets your goals. Devote less of the website to information about the business and focus on making pages and the information they offer useful to your visitors; they are the potential customer after all.

Just having a website is not enough!  These are often the most underutilised and undervalued tools for SME businesses. Search Engine Optimisation is nothing less than the mechanism of helping people looking for your goods or services in the major searches to find your website.

PPC Pay Per Click campaigns can be used in conjunction with SEO to boost initial traffic while your search ranking improve or to see you over quiet periods in your business year.

In short, we live in an increasingly digital world and this is set to continue, so an easy to use, well designed website with a focused call to action will give you the platform you need to make sure you grab a greater share of the digital action.

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