Having a valid, correctly registered domain name will help ensure that your email, web presence and IT security are reliable and protected. Here's how we can help with our fully Managed Domain Name service.

We are a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner, meaning we can do more to make your domain name management easy and trouble free.

More than 10 million domains are in the .UK registry, maintained by Nominet. We’ve met their requirements around service quality, security and continuity, so you can be certain that your domain name management is in trustworthy and safe hands with us.

Why are domain names important?

Domain Name Management is an extremely important service that we provide, often overlooked by many businesses.

Maintaining your company’s Domain Name is very important because of the following reasons:

  • It's your front page on the internet. Without it, any web presence you have will be lost: customers and suppliers will not be able to find you on the Web. This is inconvenient, but could easily lead to embarrassment and loss of business.
  • Your company’s email systems will fail without correct domain registration
  • Your ICT infrastructure is very likely linked to security certificates that are tied to your domain name. If this fails then all sorts of other services may begin to fail, such as remote access to your systems or Webmail.

Registration is subject to regular renewal

If you miss your renewal your domain could ultimately be snatched-up by a third party, such as a competitor.  Similarly, any changes to your domain registration details that are needed can be complicated.

This is why we chose to offer this service. As a Nominet Member we can take care of registration, management and renewal on your behalf.

Why Rejuvenate for Domain Management?

We have automated processes to track the lifetime of your registrations. This means you will never have to worry about missing your renewal, or have concerns about any of the issues listed above.

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