Have you ever lost data? We know too many people who have! Having a backup solution is one of the most fundamental requirements for peace of mind in a company, and we can help you find it! We offer a range from in house one drive backup solutions right the way up to an enterprise level cloud or backup server solution. We can offer you the right solution to ensure that you have peace of mind.

  • Fast: Incredibly fast backup and restore - We've recorded nearly 5GB/min!
  • Secure: Military-grade protection for your data - All data is encrypted with 448 Blowfish. If you want to manage your backups yourselves, only you can see your data. All we see is random noise.
  • Scalable: Scales easily to meet your needs - we can store anything from 1MB to 1 Petabyte!
  • Flexible: Fully Hosted offsite solution in our data centre suite, or Software-Only on premises!
Rejuvenate Managed Backup Dashboard - Files & Folders, Exchange, System State, MSSQL and SharePoint

Backups are absolutely critical to any business, with our Managed Backup solution, you can be sure that your business data is always protected. Our Managed Backup service protects your data by securely replicating off-site to Three UK Data Centres, every hour.

When a file is deleted accidentally, or maliciously corrupted, all it takes is one call to the Service Desk, and it’s back in just a few minutes. In the event of a more serious issue, data can be restored any where, a new server, workstation, or hand delivered to you by an engineer.

If you’re business relies on your IT, you need Backup. If need protection from downtime, take a look at our Managed Continuity solution.

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