Here's the nightmare scenario...


Your IT Service Provider installed brand new servers. You splashed out on top of the range hardware, built to last and configured to support your growth for the foreseeable future. 


Your manufacturer warranty has expired, so no more Next Day Replacements for failed parts. You could buy a new server, but why? Your server is more than powerful enough, is it really worth replacing?


Your RAID Controller has failed - it's a discontinued part that is no longer sold by the manufacturer and only available from a handful of specialist stockists. Your server is offline for three days while the parts are shipped from the USA. Nightmare.

How do we avoid the nightmare?

Let's be realistic, we're certainly not going to recommend that you replace your entire infrastructure just to keep the manufacturers warranty. Ideally you'll be using our Managed Continuity service, so you would be able to live without your server until the parts are available - but we realise outsourced DR isn't suited for every business.

We have another option: Total Protect

Total Protect is a maintenance agreement that covers a pre-agreed set of equipment for a variety of hardware failures. Total Protect will ensure that the parts you need are in stock, in the country and available for our engineers to install Next Day at the latest. If the hardware is a total loss, we'll replace it - like for like - next day.

How does Total Protect Work?

Working with our nationwide hardware partner, Rejuvenate offer a UK-Wide Hardware Maintenance Agreement. With one of the UK's largest infrastructure support groups behind us, we provide a complete break-fix service for all IT equipment across a wide range of manufacturers. When your Hardware fails, our partner service operation ensures that parts are allocated to you immediately and delivered to site Next Day ready for our engineers to complete the installation and restore service. 

What does Total Protect cover?

Your Total Protect Agreement covers a pre-agreed list of equipment for all manor of hardware failures. So long as the hardware is question has died on 'natural causes' it will be covered and either repaired or replaced. 

We cover Desktops, Laptops, Blade Enclosures, Servers (both Tower and Rack), Printers, UPS's, Routers, Switches, Wireless Access Points and Phone Systems.   See below for a complete list of eligable equipment.

IT and Networking Equipment

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Blade Enclosures
  • Blade Servers
  • PowerEdge Chassis Systems
  • Laser Printers
  • Dot Matrix Printers
  • Large MFP Printer Systems (where an existing contract does not exist)
  • Uninteruptable Power Supplies up to 3KvA
  • Network Switches
  • Network Routers
  • Wireless Access Points

Telephony Systems

  • Avaya Index
  • Avaya IP Office 401
  • Avaya IP Office 403
  • Avaya IP Office 412
  • Avaya IP 500
  • Avaya IP Office Service Edition
  • BCM 50
  • BCM 200
  • BCM 400
  • BCM 450
  • BT Inspiration
  • BT Pathway
  • BT Renown
  • BT Revelation
  • BT Versatility
  • LG GDK-16
  • LG GDK-34
  • LG GDK-20w
  • LG GDK-186
  • LG GDK-100
  • LG LDK 20
  • LG LDK 50
  • LG LDK 100
  • LG UCP
  • Mitel MIVO250 5000
  • Norstar Modular
  • Norstar Compact
  • Panasonic KXTDA
  • Panasonic KXTDE
  • Panasonic NS700/100
  • Siemens Hi-Path Series
  • Samsung OfficeServ Series
  • Toshiba Strata Series
  • Toshiba DK280

Are there any exclusions?

Total Protect is designed for the unexpected, there are very few situations that we won't cover - these are mostly because it makes more sense to cover them by an alternative means. For example:

If the equipment has been lost of stolen, you would need to claim from your insurance company. We are of course able to provide replacement equipment, which can be paid for by your insurance claim - however this would not be available for free replacement under the Total Protect programme.

The chances are that most if not all of the equipment covered has been effected by the disaster, therefore you would need to claim from your insurance company. We would certainly be on hand to provide replacement equipment and use all of our resources to assist your business through what would certainly be a difficult time. 

If the equipment has been intentionally or malicously damaged, it would not be eligable for parts or replacement under the Total Protect programme. We would of course be able to source parts or a replacement for you, but not under the agreement.

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