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What is Support & Repair

Support & Repair is your bespoke IT Support option. Your users need someone to call when they have a problem, trouble with an application, or need advice.  By keeping this helpdesk service separate from maintenance, we can give you the best value for money from a select choice of options.

You can choose from Pay-As-You-Go, Tech Pack (a block of pre-paid hours at a reduced hourly rate) or we can negotiate a fixed fee for an 'All-You-Can-Eat' style service.


Our Pay-As-You-Go plan is a popular choice. It allows you to remain in control of your IT spend. There are no complex packages or confusing invoicing. You'll receive a clear and easy-to-understand invoice every week for the time you use. Here's are some of the advantages of using our PAYG Support Service:


  • No pre-purchase or block-booking required - we do offer discounted rates or blocks of time but it's not essential.
  • Transparent and up-front pricing, charged at our standard hourly rate, plus a call-out fee. 
  • Guaranteed fixes with a pre-agreed limit on billable-hours – keeping arrangements clear for your accounts department.

Pay-As-You-Go can often seem the most flexible solution, but we do encourage all potential clients to speak to us about other options too. Sometimes our Pre-Pay Tech Pack or our All-You-Can-Eat plans are more cost effective, depending on your business and support needs.

Tech Pack (Pre-Paid)

Our Tech Pack plan is a block of engineering time, allocated in hours. It is the ideal way to manage your IT Support spend and provides excellent value for money. 

Packs are available in various quantities, with higher block sizes attracting a lower hourly rate.  Every month you'll receive a statement which clearly displays any incidents in the previous month along with the number of hours deducted from the pack, the name of the engineer who dealt with the issue and your remaining balance.  

Engineering time which exceeds the pre-purchased Pack is billed at a pre-agreed ‘overage rate’.

We have your best interests at heart and aim to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for you. If you require more than 18 hours per month on a regular basis, it may be better value to look at an All-You-Can-Eat agreement.


Our All-You-Can-Eat plan means that your users can simply contact us whenever they need support – whatever the issue or enquiry. 

Under this ‘all inclusive’ option, we'll agree a fixed amount agreement for all of your IT Services and Support. Think of it as assigning a budget to your IT Department.

All support work, engineering time and hardware costs are covered by the budget you set and allocate to us. We’ll send you comprehensive and transparent reports on demand about your usage and current budget status.  You'll never receive a surprise bill as all work is pre-agreed to fit within your budget and requirements.

This enhanced service allows us to provide you with the greatest possible support and ensure you have the best infrastructure possible, all within your budget.

Our aim is to make IT fit seamlessly into your business. Should we need to extend the budget for any reason, we'll provide a full business case and discuss all possible options with you.

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