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What is Monitor & Protect

Monitor & Protect is a fixed fee service for each device, covering workstations, mobile devices and servers.  As standard, this includes our Remote Monitoring, Support, Auditing and Antivirus Software bundled together. This allows us to monitor your workstations, support your staff and ensure that every device is secure with business grade virus protection. 

This comprehensive package of software and tools is designed to keep your devices in peak condition so you can concentrate on growing your business rather than be distracted by any IT issues.

Common issues Monitor & Protect will help you solve include:

  • Keeping PCs, Laptops and Servers working
  • Overcoming a lack of in-house IT experise
  • Installation of updates and upgrades, including software updates and virus protection
  • Reducing downtime
  • Improving system performance
  • Minimising business distruption

Our Monitor & Protect service is built on four pillars: Monitoring and Auditing, Automated Maintenance, Business-Grade Antivirus and Remote Support Software.

Together, they are designed to help ensure business continuity and boost productivity whilst helping you to deliver a seamless service to your own clients. Let us take the challenges out of IT and help your business operate to its full potential.

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