Microsoft 365: Why You Should Make the Move Now

All technology programs and companies need to update regularly to ensure that they are providing for their clients’ needs. In the ever-evolving world of technology, it’s no surprise that even the giant like Microsoft will need to update their processes and applications. Moving to Microsoft 365 before the next scheduled update on 13th October is going to be really useful.  

Here’s 5 reasons why moving before October 2020 is worth your time: 

1. Maintaining Cloud Connectivity  

The standard Office 365 products like Word, PowerPoint etc. are currently backed up with Microsoft’s in-built Cloud solutions. However, when the updates to Microsoft 365 occur, if you are still using these products with an Office 365 licence, you may be putting your data at risk. Microsoft will still be providing Cloud services for users; however, it will be catered to the new set up of Microsoft 365. This means that Office 365 users may experience some glitches and there may be some patches where you are not as efficiently covered as they once were.  

2. Reduced Support  

Microsoft have recently extended the time period of support they are offering to clients with older subscriptions to enable more businesses to get back on their feet following the global pandemic. However, if you still have Office 2016 or 2019 then unfortunately the 10-year support that came with Office 365 will now be expiring in October 2023. It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you are a Mac user, you will stop receiving standard updates and bug fixes from 13th October this year. 

3. Keeping your data safe 

A two-factor authentication system will be implemented across Microsoft 365 from October. This means that your usual log in username and password function from Office 365 will no longer be used. If you’re currently using a 2016 (or later) version of Office 365 then you won’t notice any changes here. However, if you’re using Outlook 365 for example, then you will need to create a new Outlook profile and potentially make a few other changes too. Microsoft 365 users from before 2017 will need to make some adjustments in their Admin Centre to turn on Modern Authentication. There is support available if your IT team need help with this.  

Here’s a useful table to highlight exactly what is still continuing from each of the different packages, and when they will expire:

4. Updated features on Microsoft 365 

The transition to Microsoft 365 is a step worth taking. Not only will you not have to worry about potential bugs or outdated security updates, but you will also benefit from new features that will make your life easier. One such feature is Microsoft Azure which is a high-quality security application to keep your data safe. Microsoft Premium offers a wider range of additional apps and programs that you may find are a perfect fit for your business needs. You can find out more about which package is right for you here

5. You won’t lose out 

Microsoft 365 includes everything that you had with Office 365, and more.

Transitioning from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 is a lot easier than a full Cloud Migration as you are not fully transferring everything to a new foreign location. Microsoft have simply made a more efficient version of Office 365, meaning that transferring to it can happen seamlessly and quickly as it’s familiar ground and still very much within the Microsoft world. 

It’s worth the minor inconvenience 

While it may just seem like you don’t have to update your systems and it’s just another big job to do – moving to Microsoft 365 sooner rather than later will enable you to work more efficiently. Moving to Microsoft 365 now will ensure that you are setting your business up well for the future and will ultimately lead to less hassle in the coming years.  

If you’d like to look into more detail about what Microsoft are proposing, you can find out more here

We understand that any systematic change can be difficult to manage within a business of any size. It’s likely that your Microsoft programs are used every day by almost every employee, so it’s not a transition that you want to get wrong.  

If you have any questions, Rejuvenate’s team of specialists are on hand to help you through your move to Microsoft 365. As official Microsoft Partners, you can trust that our team are the experts you need.

Get in touch before the deadline of 13th October to ensure your seamless transition.