Managed IT Services

What is Managed IT?

Our Managed IT Service is a baseline for all of our clients. It gives us the ability to deeply understand your network, devices and services; monitor the health of your network; protect your devices from threats and to work in the background, optimising your devices without needing to disturb your users.

For you, Managed IT provides a dashboard with complete oversight of your IT Environment, optimised Workstations and Servers, as well as the confidence to sleep at night knowing that a team of technology-obsessed helpers are looking after you.

Our innovative online portal gives you direct access to all of our services, allowing you to easily manage your support tickets, approval requests, activate new services, restore backups, train your staff and more!

What’s included in Managed IT?

Managed IT represents the features, tools and best practices that we feel can benefit our entire client base. Managed IT is a constantly evolving product, we add new services and training content regularly and are always looking to improve our offering.

Here are a few highlights of Managed IT today:

24/7 Monitoring

Our Management Systems perform over 150 Checks per hour on your devices to ensure they meet our best practice standards for performance and security.

Online Portal

Access to our Online Portal, giving you easy access to information about your infrastructure, policies, training and support requests.

Endpoint Security

Enterprise Virus and Malware Protection powered by ESET, tuned and monitored under the watchful eyes of our Managed Services Team.

Training Courses

Provide your team with access to Cyber Security Courses and Productivity Training. Track your team’s progress and test scores!

Preventative Maintenance

We perform regular preventative maintenance on all Managed Devices to ensure they’re always working at their best.

Request New Services

Access our full service catalog online to get quick access to new features and services.

Live Documentation

Our Managed IT Platform feeds real time data into our Service Desk Documentation allowing us to serve you better and manage your IT Lifecycle.

Secure Support

Keep your business secure by requiring a ‘Support PIN’ when contacting our Service Desk Team.

Technical Support Services

We offer a wide variety of IT Service and Support options, including Pay-As-You-Go, Pre-Paid Hours and fixed priced arrangements so we can best meet your needs.