Managed Connectivity Services

Businesses are becoming more and more reliant on Cloud Services, Email and Internet Based Collaboration – this means that Business Connectivity has become one of the most important utilities for businesses today.

We provide a range of Managed Connectivity services to suit almost any business, from Managed FTTC to Full Dedicated Ethernet Connections delivered over the UK’s most reliable Fibre Networks.

Managed FTTC and ADSL Broadband

We bring you a broadband service you can really trust, with straightforward packages, honest pricing and excellent customer support!

We only provide services to Businesses, so your important business traffic isn’t slowed down by residential customers streaming Netflix.

All of our Managed Broadband Connections are monitored 24/7 and Technical Support and Fault Management is provided from our Bournemouth Office.

Resilient Broadband

When Broadband stops working, it can be a major inconvenience to business. But what if you’re a theatre taking online bookings? Or a manufacturing firm waiting for client drawings?  Downtime is literally costing you money.

Our Resilient Broadband Service bundles together an Enterprise-Grade Managed Router, SLA FTTC Broadband and an Unlimited 4G Data SIM Card (just in case!).

We manage your connection remotely from our offices and in the event of a telephone line or broadband failure, our managed router will automatically pass your connection over the 4G Mobile Network until we can restore your fixed line connection.

SIP Trunking

If you have an existing on-premises phone system and are considering switching to SIP, or adding another provider to your Least Cost Routing, our SIP Trunking is perfect for you.

  • Monthly Call Tariffs with low call call charges – Call from £0.01p per minute to UK Landlines and £0.08p per minute to UK Mobiles. Lower rates are available for high volume customers.
  • Easy Upgrade/Downgrade – Freedom to add additional phone numbers and channels at any time
  • Number Porting and Port-Less Presentation – Port your existing numbers to our SIP Trunking service, or ask us to use enable Port-Less Presentation and use your existing Caller ID without needing to port!
  • Call Credit Limits – Protect your self against fraud by setting your own credit limit, you’ll never be charged more than you want.

Ethernet Leased Lines

Leased Lines are business-class scalable solution for connectivity, that can be used for any combination of voice, data, video and internet traffic. They can be used to support any type of high bandwidth task or application, including cloud computing, VoIP and video conferencing.

As the connection is private and the bandwidth isn’t shared with any other users, a leased line is extremely secure and highly consistent. There are no performance fluctuations, so your business can keep functioning efficiently at all times.

Just like our Managed Broadband Service, our Ethernet Leased Lines are monitored 24/7 allowing us to quickly detect outages and get your connection up and running as quickly as possible.

Managed WiFi

Our UniFi Captive Portal Solution allows you to engage with your guests in an even more interactive manner. This is done using a flexible registration form with optional email verification or mobile phone number verification through the Twilio SMS messaging service. The system also offers Facebook Login as an option together with the optional use of a Facebook Share Dialog after a user has successfully authenticated with Facebook.