Here are some frequently asked questions about our services, if you have any others please feel free to get in touch.

Out of contract invoices are 7 days from invoice date, and in contract invoices 14 days. Projects are tied to milestones: a deposit upfront, a final payment and if the project is large enough – an interim payment in between.

It really depends on what we’re doing. Support is charged in blocks of 10 minutes, Consulting 60 minute blocks, while training is usually day or half day (but can also be hourly if you like). The hourly rate depends on whether you are on contract or not. Cloud, Managed and Telecoms Services are charged monthly. Some services like Leased Lines or Disaster Recovery are charged quarterly or annually. 

If you call us for support, consulting or training we charge for that time. We issue invoices weekly, but if you haven’t used much of our time we’ll usually wait until the end of the month to send you an invoice.

We provide support on anything that you would expect to see on a typical network. Specific areas that we cover include servers, workstations, Blackberry’s and iPhones, operating systems and applications, printers, routers, switches, hubs, network infrastructure, Internet connections, firewalls… basically if anything goes wrong on your network, we would be your first point of contact.

We cover all Microsoft and Apple operating systems and applications, most versions of Novell and most Linux-based systems.

A lot of our customers have specialist applications that are written and supported by another supplier. We usually work with the supplier to make sure that their application is happy, and to resolve problems if they arise. We accelerate the process of fixing problems by giving the supplier detailed information about the problem, and by helping them to implement a fix safely and quickly.

Absolutely! If we investigate a problem that turns out to be caused by faulty hardware, we will work with your hardware supplier to order replacement parts and install them for you. Most of the equipment we supply comes with 3-year warranties.

We can supply any hardware, software or licenses you require. But if you prefer to buy your hardware from somewhere else, that’s OK too. We will usually be able to offer a more competitive price on hardware so please feel free to ask for a comparative quote.

We have an enormous range of different customers across all industry sectors. Our smallest support customer has only one employee, whilst our biggest has over a hundred. 

We have a very unusual mix of clients. This allows us to tailor the advice and services we provide to each client’s budget, and (just as importantly) to adapt as they grow and as their priorities change.

We gain a lot of clients who have been recommended to contact us by one of our existing customers based on our reputation and previous history. Our unique client mix also enables us to provide smaller companies with expertise we have gained, especially in areas (such as security) which tend to get overlooked by companies below a certain size.

Straight away Sir! If you have a support agreement with us, we guarantee emergency response times within the hour. Note that these are contractual response times and so represent worst-case scenarios; we normally respond instantly to emergencies.

We can set up remote links to all of our customers’ sites either using a VPN or via remote control software. This allows us to take control of servers and other critical network components within seconds so as to fix problems immediately. Many issues can be resolved within minutes, but if we cannot resolve a problem remotely we will attend the site as a matter of urgency. We aim to be onsite within 2 hours of identifying a problem that cannot be fixed remotely, but it’s usually a lot quicker than that.

No grey areas, no finger-pointing, and a pragmatic approach to problem-solving. We see many customers who have been suffering with some sort of problem for months because the hardware supplier says it’s a software problem, and the software vendor says it’s a hardware problem. We don’t operate like that. In most cases our customers don’t especially care where the problem lies; they just need it fixed. We operate on a “fix it first; discuss it later” basis! 

Jan, the CEO of one of our Non-Profit clients summed us up in their very lovely testimonial (see the rest here):

"Rejuvenate people really work as a team with no evidence of hierarchy or ‘it’s not my job’ – all have a willingness to please us as customers.  We are very pleased!" -- Jan Mills, CEO, Stable Family Home Trust

Currently there are 10 of us, and most of them are Engineers or Developers. We have grown steadily in the last few years, so we expect this number to increase every quarter or so – but not at the detriment of the excellent service and high quality work we provide our existing customers.

We started providing IT Support to small businesses in Bournemouth in 2009. Since then we've grown to providing Managed IT Services, Connectivity and Telecom Services to businesses across Dorset and Hampshire.

A very good question. We recognise that technology is a criticial part of modern business, almost every new client has asked "Do you do _____?".  Wheverever the answer is no, we ask, why not? 

It’s better to say “we do anything IT” for small business. We’ve had new customers come to us from competitors that “just do IT support” who were frustrated they had to call 2 or 3 other companies for technology answers and service, which we seamlessly provide. We are careful not to delve too deeply into all areas of IT though. For technology that requires specialist expertise we help you find the right company to work with (e.g. software or database development, complex websites, high-end IT security etc). But most businesses don’t need much more than what we offer.

Over the years we have built up an understanding of our customers needs, and what they want from a support provider. The things they want are honest objective advice, reliability, effectiveness, value for money and accountability. These attributes are getting rarer to find in today’s IT support consultancies and that’s what makes us different. We still believe in the old principles of looking after customers, and building long term relationships.

Nope. We understand that for some customers they need our expertise only now-and-then, so have many customers on Pay As You Go. However we’ve found for most customers they receive the greatest value by going on contract, as you can received up to 15% off our hourly and daily rates (plus better response times and many other benefits).

9:00am - 17:30pm Monday – Friday, excluding bank holidays. But we do have an Engineer on-call outside these hours.

Some of our customers run restaurants and bars and work until late so we always have an Engineer on-call in case they need us. Simply call 01202 237 273 to speak with the Engineer on-duty. An ‘Out Of Hours’ surcharge does apply, so if it isn’t really that urgent it’s best to wait until the next business hour to call – or just email the details to and we’ll pick the job up first thing next business day.

JET has worked closely with Rejuvenate since 2016, cheerfully holding our hands during a time of significant growth and change for the charity.

Reassuringly on hand to troubleshoot glitches and provide advice, the whole team at Rejuvenate have provided invaluable support on the development of our SharePoint site, whilst ensuring our IT provision is fit for purpose right across the organisation.

Their remote management tool has been especially useful as we are a team of homeworkers, not necessarily based with easy access to IT support services in towns and cities.

There is always a friendly and knowledgeable person ready to take a call or respond to an email, and they never make you feel 'IT thick' if you ask an obvious question. The team at JET are tremendously grateful and relieved to have Rejuvenate on our side. 

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