National and Local Ethernet circuits are used to provide site-to-site connectivity or as access circuits when part of a wide area network or Internet Access solution.

Ethernet circuits provide locations with a greater bandwidth capability than other types of connection; in comparison to all other access technologies the cost per Mb/s is relatively low. All Ethernet circuits are accompanied by a premium service level agreement.

Leased lines can work in two ways:

Point to Point Leased Lines – these connect two or more business sites within a 25km radius. Point to point leased lines are often also called site to site connections, Ethernet Circuits or Ethernet Access Direct (EAD). They don’t offer an external internet connection, but are perfect for businesses which need to move large amounts of data between sites.

Internet Leased Lines – more commonly used, these are external internet connections that connect your business directly to the internet via our IP Transit partners.

Permanent, Flexible Connectivity

Leased Lines are business-class scalable solution for connectivity, that can be used for any combination of voice, data, video and internet traffic. They can be used to support any type of high bandwidth task or application, including cloud computing, VoIP and video conferencing.

Leased lines also enable collaborative working, as both field-based staff and employees working at different office locations can access and share the company server, data files and other resources.

A leased line is also a flexible choice, as you can upgrade your connection speed as your business expands and you need more capacity. Speeds of up to 10Gbps are available for external connections. For point to point connections, the three standard speeds are 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1,000Mbps (1Gbps).

As the connection is private and the bandwidth isn’t shared with any other users, a leased line is extremely secure and highly consistent. There are no performance fluctuations, so your business can keep functioning efficiently at all times.

Benefits of Leased Line

  • Business class connectivity that offers unparalleled speed, reliability and consistency – a virtually failsafe solution
  • A permanent, direct and private connection for ultimate security and resilience (no sharing with other users)
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps, supporting superfast data flow in both directions
  • Your leased line package will be tailored to your business and its specific needs, and is easily scalable as these needs change over time.
  • Excellent customer service, high quality technical support and fast fault resolution
  • Guaranteed minimum speeds supported by Service Level Agreements
  • A comprehensive choice of backup solutions to ensure 100% uninterrupted internet access and business continuity.

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