Case Study: How Backup Saved My Business

On the 14th July 2014, a local architectural design company, who were happy to share their experiences, but asked not be named, contracted a deadly virus, infecting their computers and servers with the infamous CryptoLocker, corrupting their emails and documents, and locking them out of their booking system, preventing them from conducting their business. Within minutes of placing a call with the Rejuvenate Helpdesk, a technician was logged into the server, and had isolated the source of a virus, preventing further infection.

CryptoLocker commonly spreads through email attachments, sent as ‘spoof’ emails that appear to be from well-known organisations such as HMRC or FedEx, and one of the users within the company had been caught out and opened the fake attachment. As the virus spread through the local computer network, it infected several other machines and the server holding all the company’s data. This data is rendered inaccessible, with a ransom message displayed on the infected computer, promising data restoration in return for an exorbitant fee! With the data left corrupt, and the virus isolated, the technician’s next step was to backup and remove the corrupted data, and use an off-site backup drive to restore a healthy copy of the files, restoring full functionality to the network and company. Without the data backup, the files would have been lost and the company left unable to trade, ultimately putting them at a loss which could have potentially been crippling to the business.

“Thanks to our back-up drive system put in place by Rejuvenate, we were able to roll back to a copy of the data from that same morning, losing only a couple of business hours between the initial infection and the final restore. Without the back-up, we would have lost thousands of pounds, key clients, and years of hard work, which would have been devastating to the company.” Zoe, Managing Director

“Following the infection, Rejuvenate sat down with all the staff and get them training on how to spot a dangerous email attachment, they also tightened up our anti-spam system and moved us to a more reliable anti-virus provider. Following this incident, I cannot stress enough the importance of having robust Antivirus and Back-up solutions in place.” Karl, Finance Director

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