VoIP Changes

As part of continued improvements to our network we are introducing some additional IP addresses for both SIP signalling, and RTP media traffic from the 31th March 2017. At the same time, we are adding support for the Opus HD Voice Codec.

Customers will be contacted by our Service Desk to inform them of the new IP Addresses. 

Please ensure that you allow traffic to/from the new IPs and correctly identify these signalling IPs as a permitted source for inbound traffic in your own configuration before 31th March 2017 to ensure no disruption to your service.

If you use our Managed Network Service, our Service Desk will automatically update your VoIP Network Configuration to allow our traffic from these IP Addresses, therefore no action is required! 

With the addition of Opus, our officially supported codecs will be; G.711u (μ-law), G.711a (A-law), G.722, Opus, and GSM.