Microsoft Lists is here. Find out why your business should start using it.

How the Microsoft Lists Roll Out Can Help You Collaborate More Effectively Microsoft 365 is constantly evolving. On top of its regular software updates and additions to the add-in library, Microsoft is forever adding to its collection of core tools. Since July it has been rolling out Microsoft Lists. First on the web and then as an integration with Microsoft Teams. […]

Microsoft Bookings vs Calendly: Which calendar app is better?

We could all use a bit of help from time to time with organising our lives. Thankfully there are lots of handy tools out there. We’re going to take a look at two of the most popular calendar apps – Calendly and Microsoft Bookings.  Many organisations worldwide use Microsoft 365 for their email, calendar, collaboration work and so much more. […]

Microsoft 365: Why You Should Make the Move Now

All technology programs and companies need to update regularly to ensure that they are providing for their clients’ needs. In the ever-evolving world of technology, it’s no surprise that even the giant like Microsoft will need to update their processes and applications. Moving to Microsoft 365 before the next scheduled update on 13th October is going […]

The Microsoft 365 Add-Ins Destined to Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes our tools don’t function quite how we’d like them to. Sometimes they could be optimised or augmented to fit our behaviour. It’s only natural. It’s why we buy roof racks for cars. In the same vein, Microsoft’s add-ins let you extend the functionality of 365. Here are some of the best ones. Boomerang This […]

Microsoft 365 business editions: Standard, or Premium? What’s the real difference?

In March 2020, Microsoft rebranded their Office 365 Business plans as ‘Microsoft 365 Business’ plans. There are a few different options from Basic, through to Premium, each with different features. Looking at the Standard and Premium plans at a glance, it can be difficult to decipher quickly and easily which one might be the better […]

Steps to Success with Cloud Transformation

It’s no secret that cloud computing provides considerable advantages over traditional on-site solutions including flexibility, remote working and cost. Many organisations are adopting a cloud approach to their infrastructure, but that can seem like quite a daunting journey. Rejuvenate IT have broken down cloud transformation into 3 simplified steps… A. Plan & Assess It all […]

101 Non Emergency Calls

The Home Office who run the 101 number have asked in light of the current situation to make 101 free to callers from the 1st of April. Therefore from midnight tonight (1st April 00:00) the 101 number will be free with no connection fee or pence per minute fee.